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How Does The 2nd Generation Face Identity Crisis in a Family Owned Business?

Q: What led Brand’eM to personal branding for leadership development?

A: We witnessed forms of identity crisis that we’d like to unburden from the 2nd Generation.

You know how in most family businesses the G2 is asked to join the company in the early stages of their career? And when they do, all eyes are on them to succeed. G2 stands for 2nd Generation - the next in line leaders and perhaps, owners of a family-owned business.

Through years of servicing family-owned businesses, we observed that a lot of weight is carried by the G2. If only we could see the chat groups they have with fellow G2s on their notes, sentiments and challenges in this very interesting job position.

Often, the measure of success is how similar they are with their parents. So naturally, G2 will act according to what Dad and Mom want, based on how Dad and Mom work, to gain not just their parents’ trust but also the respect of the rest of the company.

How then do they sustain this without letting go of themselves?

Clarifying one’s personal brand helps you establish your brand of leadership. This is the anchor one has in figuring out what to offer to the family business table. It is with this sense of clarity and direction can G2 fully and sustainably step into their role of leadership.

Instead of duplicating who G1 (1st Generation) is, it would be very helpful for the company and G2 to anchor themselves in their personal branding so they can effectively and productively develop in their own light.

Inheriting a surname is natural however, breaking free from the “COO” (Child Of Owner) stigma is earned. And that is possible with a clear sense of Personal Brand and Brand of Leadership.

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