Why C-CAD?

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Treating Leadership Wastage requires a formal and scientific Leadership solution.


Leadership Wastage is the hidden yet impactful expense that creeps into your organization and damages your most important asset, People.


At Brand’eM, we see growth beyond a marketing-led strategy. Through the years, we have been approached for help in marketing goods and services. Market Research, Marketing Strategy, Brand Design, these are all important. But what we’ve learned is that People are in the best position to engage your customers and share your Brand Story. People is the answer to move your business to the future.

Why C-CAD?


C-CAD (pronounced as sē cad) stands for Career Clarity and Direction


Our programs groom Leaders in Transition to become the Next Generation Leaders by helping them tap into their Personal Brand. It is when Leaders anchor themselves in who they are do they become more productive and better equipped to ride the tide of professional ups and downs. 


Our C-CAD programs are powered by:


Step 1
Take the
C-CAD Test

Step 2
Receive C-CAD results and analysis assessment

Step 3
C-CAD program recommendation

Step 4
Engage and start C-CAD program

Final step
Go back to work and transform

Our executive program offerings

C-CAD (Career Clarity and Direction) is for Leaders in Transition so they can be better prepared to be the Next Generation Leaders




  • Rediscover and re-launch your Personal Brand in your career

  • Embrace change through self-discovery and transition for your brand to come alive

  • Accelerate your personal goals anchored in your strengths

Ideal enrollees:

  • Children of owners of family businesses becoming the Next Generation leaders

  • Individuals who are transitioning from a Corporate to an Entrepreneurial career




  • Groom the Next Generation leaders of the company

  • Establish your team dynamics and unique culture

  • Harp on individual and collective strengths of your team

Ideal enrollees:

  • Managers who want to develop the Next Generation leaders

  • Teams with talented and skilled members, but face challenges when working as a Team

  • New managers who want to get a jumpstart in bringing the Team together



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Ideal enrollees:

  • Individuals who may not have the time and resources to enroll in a full-time program but wish to interject subtle improvements in his or her workplace and career

  • People who experience misguided leadership and would like to find data, tips and insights to improve this

We get energized working with people with the mindset of somebody in their mid-20s to early 30s.

As they approach inevitable changes in their career, they are concerned about what they can bring to the table that's theirs - their personal brand and productive strengths.


They don't usually have the time or resources to take a Masters or MBA, but are students for life in their desire for constant development to add value to the people they serve and work with.

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Now is the time to invest in your leaders because they are in the best position to engage your Customers and share your Brand Story. 

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