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Career Clarity is More About Your Well-being Than Your Job

If you are experiencing any of the following with your career, it means you are going through a Career Fog:

Stuck. It seems that you’re in a loop in doing what you’re doing.

Loss of control. The week just passes you by and you wake up and it’s already Monday morning again.

Overwhelmed. Your head and ears heat up, sometimes it’s hard to breathe.

Regular anxious thoughts. Constant questioning of self, path and direction.

Your body is telling you that there’s something off and unclear. Our bodies, which were designed by Him, know us more than you think so if it’s sick, we better listen.

The Gallup Well-being Index measures our well-being according to 5 factors.

  • Purpose - does our career motivate and challenge us to achieve our goals?

  • Social - how are our relationships with family, friends and loved ones?

  • Financial - are we able to manage our personal finances to achieve security?

  • Physical - do our bodies have enough energy to get things done?

  • Community - do we live in a safe environment, do we have a tribe with people who share common interests?

Solution: Measure your career vis-a-vis your well-being.








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Our career heavily influences the quality of our life. We spend 5 out of 7 days a week working (and for some, even more). Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew and felt in your gut that what you’re doing makes sense?

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