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Career Clarity Tip: Purpose

One of the hidden blessings of being locked down is giving us the opportunity to lock in the importance and impact of having #CareerClarity. Our career significantly affects the quality of our life and well-being in different forms.

This article will touch on what we believe to be the foundation and often overlooked aspect of Career Clarity - Purpose.

There are many ways to achieve Career Clarity, so much so that a lot of us don’t know where to start. We could feel overwhelmed and deem all aspects of our career to hold the same weight in terms of importance and urgency. To a point, that holds some truth and we’re here to share how you can take the first step.

The journey towards finding Career Clarity starts with inner peace.

Inner peace is rooted not in stillness of work, but in stillness of thought. We’re often told to “find the purpose in our job,” but it’s actually the other way around. We invite you to find your purpose first, and build your job around it.

To unearth your Purpose, answer the following questions. We encourage you to try this out with a person you trust. More often than not, our purpose is more obvious to others than to ourselves.

Questions leading to your Purpose:

1. Fun factor

What kind of work do you enjoy doing? Your answer might actually lie in your “best days of work” with your current job - applicable to both employed and self-employed.

2. Student mode

In what areas of work do you feel like you’re a sponge who soaks in the learnings and are eager to share them to others?

3. Loss of sense of time

Do you feel that rhythm and dance that’s just natural when you’re doing what you do?

4. Achievement and recognition

When were the times you were praised by others? In what instances did you accomplish things wherein you felt good about yourself even if no one was watching?

5. Happy-tired

When was the last time you felt happy-tired? Go back to that feeling of your body being exhausted but your spirit is lifted.

Tip: As you are answering these questions to that trusted person, ask him/her when your eyes sparkle. That’s when you’ve had a glimpse of your Purpose.

If you wish to know more about your Purpose, book a complimentary exploratory call with us here.


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