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Frequently Asked Questions


What is leadership?

Leadership is the state at which an individual can influence and bring others towards a shared goal.


Effective Leadership is done by using one's Personal Brand in impacting others' lives for the better.


What are Leadership Wastages? 

Leadership Wastages are hidden yet impactful expenses that pile up which cause more harm to the business' bottomline when ignored. Most common examples are high attrition rates, demotivated team, promotion of unprepared individuals, regular miscommunication, missed sales opportunities, disorganized project management, and teams working in silos.


Who are the leaders in transition?

Leaders in Transition are people who are evolving from being an individual contributor to a Team Leader or Manager. They go through moments that require changes in different aspects of their professional lives.


In this transition phase, people have to decide what to leave behind and what to bring forward. The challenge is to reconcile the Leader one wants to be and the Leader the team needs him or her to be.


Who are your ideal enrollees or clients?

We get energized working with people with the mindset of somebody in their mid-20s to early 30s. As they approach inevitable changes in their career, they are concerned about what they can bring to the table that's theirs - their personal brand and productive strengths. They don't usually have the time or resources to take a Masters or MBA, but are students for life in their desire for constant development to add value to the people they serve and work with.


What services do you offer?

Check out our full service offerings here:


What is 'C-CAD'?

C-CAD (pronounced as sē-cad) stands for Career Clarity and Direction. It is also a play-on-word for the Filipino word "sikad" which means backward kick and bounce back; a force you exert that pushes you to a trajectory towards your destination especially when you're backed up against a wall. Our programs help Leaders in Transition establish and activate their Personal Brand forward through this interesting and challenging phase in their career.


Who are your services for?

C-CAD Elite 

  • Business executives who are about to retire and seek for a new game plan in their career

  • Individuals in transition who are shifting careers or industries, planning to join the family business and put up their own business, and thinking of reconciling their passion and career

  • Children of business owners (G2) who are set to become the Next Generation leaders

  • New leaders Individuals who are starting to take on leadership responsibilities and need external guidance

C-CAD Teams 

  • Company leaders and managers who want to develop their Team

  • Teams with talented and skilled members, but face challenges when working as a Team

  • New managers who want to be better prepared in taking on their new role

C-CAD Prime 

  • Individuals who may not have the time and resources to enroll in a full-time program but wish to interject subtle improvements in his or her workplace and career

  • People who experience misguided leadership and would like to find data, tips and insights to improve this


Can your programs be applied to the Philippine setting? 

Syempre naman. Our frameworks are based on certified global best practices which we contextualize to the Philippine setting; to your brand and company. While our programs are in english, our delivery can be in Filipino too.


Our experience since has taught us to be well-versed in the family-owned business and SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) setting.


How much is the investment of your programs? How can I enroll? 

Great question!


Receive a more accurate quotation after you answer our intake form here:


For more questions, you may email us at


How does a brand come alive?

We believe the most effective and sustainable way for your Brand to come alive is through your People. They are in the best position to share, and exhibit your Brand Story.


Do you do Marketing, Design, and Advertising services?

We do not offer Marketing, Design and Advertising services.


We can connect you with our Design and Digital partners whom we have worked with through the years on an advisory capacity.

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