We strongly believe that if you brand them, your Brand comes alive. 

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Personal Branding for Leadership Development  of 2nd Gen business owners

Our group is called Brand'eM (pronounced as bran-dem) - a branding and management consultancy firm that specializes in branding your most important asset, your People, because we believe that they are in the best position to deliver and engage your Customers and share your Brand Story. 

We strongly believe that if you brand them, your Brand comes alive.


To help the Next Generation family business owners lead not by consequence but with intent.


We design and implement personal branding and leadership development programs grounded on Gallup-certified CliftonStrengths and Kellogg-certified marketing strategy frameworks adapted to the local setting. 

We operate with our Strengths

And we see to it that you operate with yours, too so you can effectively deliver your Brand Story and create meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your Customers



  • Able to clearly deliver message to clients and colleagues, in written and verbal form

  • Able to ask questions that inspire curiosity and added knowledge at the right time and in the right manner

  • Capable of articulating and knowing the Big Picture in pursuit of understanding for himself/herself and the team; to be on the same page


Martin believes that the toughest thing you can do for others is invest in yourself. 

Through Brand’eM, Martin continues to prepare and strengthen the Next Generation entrepreneurs and leaders.

He doesn’t claim that he’s made it yet. However, the pursuit of self-discovery, working in and out of comfort zones, and enabling people to work better together challenges and excites him.


Founder and Managing Director


For those who are stuck and confused with what they can do, Martin helps people transition and embrace self-discovery through clarifying their personal brand so they can take better control.

It is with this clarity and anchoring of self that defines who you are and what you can offer to the table, so that you may shine in your own light.

Beautiful Landscape

“We may never reach the peak of the mountain, but know that as we keep climbing, the view gets better and better.”

Donald Miller
CEO, Business Made Simple