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How Our Relationships Become Measures Of Career Clarity

As 2021 is about to close, we reflect on the channels it has opened for us despite an ongoing pandemic. Channels in the form of opportunities, and most especially through people.

Our career significantly affects our well-being and a strong measure of #CareerClarity is the quality of our relationships with the people around us. This article on the Social aspect of our career.

One might ask, “How do my family, friends, lover and peers influence my career clarity?”

And the answer lies in the quality of relationships you have with them as a signal whether you are enabled or blocked by your career.

As humans, we are social creatures. We need to take care of our Social well-being because without it, we’ll turn into Zoom-bies jumping from one Zoom meeting to the next.

Snapping out of Zoom-bie mode:

1. Work on projects at home with your housemates. Cook, clean, ask “Kamusta araw mo? (How was your day?),” share interesting videos, or even offer to help them with something.

2. Be deliberate in reconnecting with people. For those who are vaccinated and are comfortable enough in meeting people face to face, meet outdoors and catch up. Have a meal, coffee, walk your dogs, exercise.

For those who can’t, get on a call for at least 15 minutes to talk about what’s up. You can start with the people you comment and/or view a lot on social media. It takes effort to reconnect with others and doing so will reward not just you but also the other person.

3. Classify apps / messaging channels according to function. If you can, don’t use the same channels for work in reconnecting with people. At work we use Zoom, Slack and Viber, so for anything outside work, use a different channel.

Tip: The people around us are the first ones to see and tell you what work works for you. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in your career or the path is unclear, chances are others have felt it from you way before you realized it. Reconnect.

Do something interesting together with your friend. Book an exploratory call with us and who knows - the answer might just be a phone call away.


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