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Managing Your Time To Enhance Work Productivity

Time is of the essence. Every lost minute of productivity costs your business' bottom line.

That is why time management has become more important and crucial in the workplace where numerous physical and online distractions are at huge. It determines your level of productivity and efficiency in getting work done.

But not everyone has mastered this skill yet. We'd like to share some tips:

1. Know what your ‘big’ and ‘small’ rocks are.

Whether it’s on a daily or weekly basis, it’s vital to identify and list down your high and low priority tasks. Finish your big rocks first before tackling the small ones. How to do it? Read next point.

2. Set your detailed projects’ list.

Just like jotting down your to-do list, this is a more systematic function where you input the most minute details of your task helping you to be more efficient with your project management. Here is where you can monitor the progress of your project phase by phase.

3. Allot allowance for other agenda.

Given that we are faced with changes everyday, there are still unforeseen circumstances that might come your way no matter how strategic you think you might have plotted out your timetable. Do it set an extra portion of your time to accommodate these unforeseen changes.

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