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How Having A Balanced Diet Is Vital To Your Leadership

Did you know that what you eat affects your productivity -- and even leadership skills?

While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there might be other things that you need to know for you to start the day right and endure the whole work day.

Check out our top 3 ways of eating healthier at work:

1. Plan your meal.

It’s important to keep a healthy and balanced diet to survive each working day. So to prevent last-minute orders, plot out your meal plan for the entire week and make sure your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and/or dinner consist of enough carbohydrates and fiber to sustain the right amount of your body energy and sugar level.

2. Keep yourself hydrated.

It’s difficult for the human body to distinguish between hunger or thirst. So if you’re craving for food even though you’ve just eaten, chances are you might be dehydrated. So fill up your jug with water and drink it. Make sure you have at least eight (8) cups of water a day, too!

3. Keep it simple.

Try oatmeal or granola for breakfast, panini sandwich for lunch, and poké bowls for dinner.

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