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Rest: Leaders' Strategy For A Long-Term Success

Leaders get stuck and demotivated, too. Not everyday is a 'sunshine' day and it's okay. This might be a sign that they need to step back, reassess, and recalibrate in order to run the business and manage their Team more effectively. Without clear vision and action steps in mind, the business would eventually deteriorate.

We always advise our Clients to take a quick break. They have to get off their desks for a while since there are instances at work when making time for a break can actually set them up for a more long-term success. Find out more below:

1. When you’ve been working non-stop for hours.

When you focus on something for too long, your brain experiences fatigue. It makes it difficult for you to focus, make decisions, think clearly, etc. So get up, walk around, talk to colleagues if you must, and then get the job done.

2. When you and your Team aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

When you encounter a work-related discussion with your staff and it seems like things are heading nowhere, take it as a sign. Drop everything for a while, walk around, and reconvene with a nice comeback to finally set things smooth and straight.

3. When things aren’t making sense to you anymore.

Even a short interruption from what you’re doing helps wake up your creativity and generate new ideas. It allows you to replace the stale ideas and replace them with fresh(er) ones.

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