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People-Oriented Leadership: Why Is It Important And Crucial In Your Leadership Career

We’re often taught that we need to be cunning and ruthless to maintain our management position. Everyone else is competition.

This might seem like an unpopular opinion, but did you know that getting to know your colleagues even outside the professional ring could bring new life out of you or bring your career to new heights?

Read more below to find out why getting to know your people is indeed an advantage:

1. They can get you to places.

No man is an island. When you get to know your people and form a strong relationship with them, they start to become your loyal colleagues. In the process, they don’t just remain as just your staff, but become lifelong friends.

2. They will continue to value you and look up to you.

Even if your people don’t 100% agree with your ideas, they’re likely to take a chance and hear what you have to say. Going back to the famous aphorism, character is ethical and moral strength.

3. They could be your FFL (Friends For Life).

If you surround yourself with the right people, they could be your sunshine in a lovely day and aid in times of trouble. Deadlines? Toxic superior? Love life dilemmas? Worry not as they now got your back.

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