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Don't Beat Yourself Up

Whether you landed a big client or finished a small task, rewarding yourself boosts work productivity and efficiency. Find out more by reading below:

1. It makes you feel good and drives you further.

When you treat yourself, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine which produces happy hormones, thus makes you feel good and happy.

2. It works as positive reinforcement.

When your behaviour is followed by a pleasant outcome, you are more likely to repeat the behaviour. That is called positive reinforcement. Connecting your hard work to rewards gives you a mental break but also motivates you to want to do more of it. Therefore, use treats as a positive reinforcement to build your momentum and grow your habits.

3. Because you deserve it.

If you have seriously worked hard for the goals that you set and you take massive action to create the results you want, you should give yourself a treat. Don’t ever feel that you don’t deserve it because you do!

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