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Not an ad agency for what you sell. 

We do personal branding for

Leadership Development 

of children of owners.

C-CAD Elite | C-CAD Teams

Career Clarity and Direction

Children of owners transitioning in managing their family business

Effective leadership​

Increased business bottomline

Productive and efficient teams

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What is Leadership and how does it impact my Team? 

Leadership is the state at which an individual can influence and bring others towards a shared goal.

Effective Leadership is done by using one's Personal Brand in impacting others' lives for the better.

Company leaders/managers are the business' lifeline but ...

We discovered that majority of a company's success is dependent on their Leaders/Managers and 70% of any project's output is influenced by Managers but often times, they leave their leadership development to chance. Leadership is believed to be innate that is why it is commonly expected for people to develop it on their own.

If this goes on unnoticed, undermined, or even ignored, these hidden yet impactful expenses will slowly creep into your organization and create a bigger hole beyond repair overtime -- Leadership Wastage.

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What is Leadership Wastage
and how does it damage your Team? 

Leadership Wastage is a hidden yet an impactful expense that pile up which causes more harm to the business' bottomline when ignored.

We believe that prevention is always better than cure. Let us help you help your Leaders so your Team is spared from the 7 consequences of Leadership Wastage.

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Swipe right to see the 7 consequences of 

Leadership Wastage 

Treating Leadership Wastage requires formal and scientific Leadership solution: Career Clarity and Direction (C-CAD) 

We see growth beyond a marketing-led strategy which pushes us to help companies grow long-term by tapping into their most important asset, their People, because only they are in the best position to engage your Customers with your Brand Story.

Our C-CAD (pronounced as sē-cad) stands for Career Clarity and Direction. It's a play-on-word for the Filipino word, "sikad" which means backward kick and bounce back; a force you exert that pushes you to a trajectory towards your destination especially when you're backed up against a wall. 

Our programs help Leaders in Transition and Managers who want to groom their Next Generation Leaders establish and activate their Personal Brand forward through this interesting and challenging phase in their career.

C-CAD Elite
How can I transform my business?

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C-CAD Teams
How can I transform my Team?

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C-CAD Prime
How can I continuously transform my career?

Want to know where you stand on your Leadership style and behavior and see if we're a great fit for your career trajectory? 
Take the C-CAD Test Questionnaire now! Share it with your superiors and colleagues, especially those who have a great impact in your career.

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